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API Calls and Credits

Ximilar billing is based on the number of API method calls. To differentiate between different complexity of the methods, every api call corresponds to a certain number of credits. New Ximilar users have some free monthly credits to be used for testing. Then, there are several pricing plans with different amount of available credits and other limits. You can see the number of credits you have used in current month in the Ximilar app dashboard.

Credits in general

In general, each API call that sends or uploads an image for AI analysis to Ximilar API endpoint costs some credits. All other methods are for free.

Every record counts!

Some methods allow to send more than one image at once via records field. For the purpose of billing, every record is counted (based on service and operation - see tables below). However processing batch (multiple) records in one request is faster than sending multiple requests with one record.

Credits in detail

On the following page (section Credit Values of API Calls) is a list of all API methods and their credit values per image/record. We show only methods that are not for free (all other are).