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Screenshot API documentation

This is documentation for API of and services for developers. Before using the API, please register/create account through Ximilar App. After registration you will obtain the authentication token which you can use for calling various Ximilar services. We use REST API and both requests and responses are formatted as JSON. Most of the services are free to use for testing purposes (see pricing plans).

Status Page

We try to be always up. You can monitor uptime of our API and application on our status page. This is also the place to report system maintenance:


Python Library

If you are using Python in your project and do not want to play with requests, you can query our API with our library. Our library is on gitlab:

At this point, this library covers Recognition (previously, Detection , Generic Tagging, Fashion Tagging, Dominant Colors and Photo and Product Similarity.


Questions about API or APP?

If you have any problems or questions about API please write to We wrote our tips on our blog and we have also video tutorials for you.


Ximilar Services

  • Upscaler - upscale images with super-resolution model
  • Remove Background - remove/distinguish background for images with some dominant item or object

Ximilar Taxonomies